Sunday, February 14, 2010


PJ (Sonny calls him "the pest") came for a sleep over.  HE got in bed with ME, then Sonny came up lookin' for some lovin'.  I realized I had to go put away the chicken soup before I fell asleep too.  These guys didn't even move.  I had to pick PJ up and deposit him back on the bed so I could get up.
They didn't even follow me downstairs.  Until they heard the soup pot banging around!

THEN (and I didn't see this.  It's heresay, but from a reliable witness.) after I went back to bed (I was really, really tired) Sonny got up into his chair.  The big red one.  PJ stood and looked up at Sonny sleeping in that comfy chair.  He then went over to the bag'o'bones on the floor and selected one of the best.  He stood on the floor in front of Sonny with SONNY'S bone in his mouth.  When Sonny didn't move, PJ jumped onto the chair with Sonny, deposited the bone, growled a few times, and jumped off.  Sonny didn't even blink.

The witness thinks PJ was trying to barter a bone for the chair.

Didn't work.

PJ came back upstairs and got me...alone. 

Who got the better bargain?


Ruthie said...

That is so adorable. And how lucky are you getting TWO dachshunds in your bed!!