Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Party

Daddy had his annual Super Bowl party so our house was invaded. Most of the people aren't strangers to me anymore, but I still get weirded out when there are lots of different people in my house. Using my comfy chairs. Eating my food. I finally got mommy to hold me at the table so I could see what I was smelling. Yum! All they would give me, tho', was carrots! Not the salami that was making my mouth water. Dang.

I even let Carolyn pick me up. Actually, I insisted she pick me up. I wouldn't leave her alone. She was sitting right by the shrimp. No one could believe that I would ask her to pick me up. I don't like anyone but my family to do that. Usually. But when there's food involved... Daniel knows just where to scratch me. Ahhh.

Finally. Everyone's gone and I can have my chair back! Good riddance. Except I do like people dropping food for me to grab up.

Good night!


Matilda said...

Hi Sonny!
You are so popular! It looked like you had a fun time! By the way did you enjoy the super bowl?
Kisses and Hugs

CLU said...

I did have fun. I did not enjoy the super bowl, but my people did! It was an exciting game.