Sunday, June 8, 2008


There have been toads living in the well outside our basement window for years now. Every time Mommy says to me "Sonny let's go check out the toads" I know exactly where to go. I look and look, but there hasn't been anything there for a long time, not since last summer...

Until the water flowed into our basement the other day, and the leaves were cleaned out of the window well. NOW we can see the toads! What fun! What excitement! Mommy took this picture just before I jumped into the well! I just couldn't help myself!
It's not real deep, you can see the dirt in the picture of me looking in, but it was muddy. And guess what? Toads taste TERRIBLE. They made my mouth foam. Mommy didn't stop to take a picture of me IN the well because of the toads. She dropped the camera to save them from me, or me from them.
Here they are, hanging out in the corner.
I think the lighter one is the ring leader.

Here you can see my paw prints by that black drain thing.
Mommy said that next time the toads look in the window, she will take a picture of them.
I'm just glad she didn't leave me in there!


maskedbadger said...

is there anything better than dachshunds and toads together? i think not!

Matilda said...

Wow, Toads!? I've never seem them.